Hello there!

We're Crypto FC Jerseys.

We're a fresh and innovative football fashion brand, born and bred in the charming city of Limerick, Ireland. Since our inception in the summer of 2021, we've been in the business of creating crypto-inspired football jerseys. Our unique concept allows our patrons to cheer on their treasured crypto projects, just like they'd root for their favourite football teams or countries.

Football jerseys create a sense of unity and identity, binding individuals into a community. Inspired by this sentiment, we thought, why not let crypto enthusiasts show their support as if they were football fans? And so, we design and manufacture jerseys with a twist, where your heroes are your favourite cryptocurrencies, displayed in style!

Since August 2021, we've unveiled 5 distinct cryptocurrency themed club jerseys and distributed 200 of them to eight countries across Europe and North America.

As part of our creative portfolio, we've embraced the fusion of football, fashion, and digital art in an exciting new way. We have launched several generative NFT series, each representing a one-of-a-kind, unique jersey. When you purchase these NFTs, you're not only acquiring a digital asset but also claiming a tangible, real-life version of the jersey. It's a blend of the digital and physical worlds, a way to wear your crypto passion on your sleeve—quite literally.

In addition to our physical jerseys and digital NFTs, we've taken the immersive experience a step further. We have curated a virtual Metaverse gallery, accessible on any device. This gallery allows you to delve into our past works and designs interactively, offering a deeper understanding and appreciation of our craft.

We've also worked with various grassroots football teams, offering team wear that beautifully encapsulates our commitment to community, sport, and fashion.

At Crypto FC Jerseys, we're not just about creating jerseys, we're building an engaging narrative around brand identity, digital design, and the essence of our brand—the unique synergy of crypto and football.

We're always eager to explore new creative landscapes. Be it collaborations, unique ideas, or design requests, feel free to reach out. Let's make something amazing together!